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1. Oral fixation emoticon associated with the urge to chew, suck, and/or do something sexy with your mouth.

2. Eating something with relish emoticon
1. "brb, i'm getting some gum :G"

2. "mmmmm ice cream is so tasty :G"
by mandaspoon May 19, 2010
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An emoticon which is used just for the pleasure of using emoticons, mostly used by teenagers.
Ahoy mates! :G

Ok I'll play Counter Strike: Source with you :G
by le mons April 16, 2007
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a made up emoticon reply implying homo (gay) or stupid, or anything close to that.
1. ".. he was wearing daisy dukes too! :G"

2. "my dad found a vodka bottle in my room and i was grounded :G"

3. "you cried?! :G"

4. the teacher gave her an F because she forgot the date on her paper. :G

5. edward cullen is :G
by lazyacronymer November 01, 2009
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<Samppa> Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words :G
by Samppa December 26, 2004
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