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Usually meaning someone "Trolling" or fucking with you, or being a passive

aggressive douche bag, also known as the "Dorito Face."

it is mostly used too piss people off honestly and too put at the end of sentences.

Wow youre really smart m8 :^)

EX 2:

Let's have a 3way :^)
by Ultraa June 20, 2014
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This smiley, also known as the Dorito Face, is typically used in a cheeky, passive-aggressive, taunting sort of way. It has recently become popular and is frequently seen during arguments.
by Xcalibur201 October 26, 2015
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An "emoticon" used to assist in trolling or general assfuckery. Generally called cancerface. A face only to be used in online conversations.
Scientist has come online.
Muhammed: hey fuckwad :^)
Scientist: look at this link <redacted>
Muhammed: holy shit what the hell is that
Scientist: :^)
by Muhemmet June 22, 2016
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An emoticon used to show you are feeling pain, the farther the space between the eyes and mouth the more dead inside the user is.
Stranger: boy are you ugly
Me: : ^)
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An emoticon describing the feeling of being happy and having a nose.
Colin: What a beautiful nose you have!
Steve: :^)
by `-` October 22, 2008
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This face right here : ^) this is the killmyself face the more space between : and ^ the more you want to kill yourself

The killmyself face can be used anywhere in which you want to show people you wanna die
: ^) is the killmyself face
by BAPenguins July 06, 2017
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