Using internet dialect to portray one's dissatisfaction with a particular response or communicated message. Refers to slapping one's forehead in almost disbelief.
Me: so in conclusion i state that the second law of thermodynamics is clearly non-applicable in this instance. What do you think?

Friend 1: liek, what? were you talking?

Me: /palmface
by Max Henley January 5, 2008
A palmface is the greatest possible response to a facepalm, involving slapping/placing your palm upon the said person's face. (Hence the palm-face.) This action has a 100% success rate of pure lulz.
Man 1: How do you get the spider mines for the vultures?
Man 2: -facepalm-
Man 1: -palmface- 8D
by Saan November 28, 2009
Palmface-verb The act of bringing your hand to your face, usually used in IM conversations using asterix. Is 100% better than facepalm. Which looks retarded.
Omg today I dyloned on accident! *palmface*
by Rensauce October 7, 2009