Aulii, strong and independent person , shes weird , shes dumb , and yeah shes crazy :) but that what makes her unique . She has her ways on making peoples day without trying . Shes beautiful shes smart shes kind and shes funny . Aulii will always be your shoulder to cry on and she talks to you when you need someone to talk to you and she ends up making you smile just by reading her text . Shes honest with the people she cares about and shes loyal to her lover so if you dont have a girl named aulii go get one because shes awesome and she wont ever let u down . <3
Aulii is me :O lol
by 219 Gang August 11, 2018
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A girl that's a stuck up hoe , she's petty asf , she's spoilt asf , hated by everyone , she fucks up everything (she said that herself) she's a boyfriend stealer (if your taken hide yo man from that Aulii girl ) , she's talks to boys while she's in a relationship , she hates on others for no reason , and if you say something or do something it has to be about her or it's not important .
Hide yo man Aulii is around , Aulii is a petty as bitch .
by pmaojci November 20, 2018
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Aulii , Smart , funny, kind, cute, short, and definitely has a big heart . She has a passion for music and she is loyal and she is honest with the people she cares about . She will listen to your problems and try and fix them , she will make you happy just by looking at her , Shes everything and you would do anything for her . Be there for her when she needs you , gives her hugs when her day isn't so good , and being her shoulder to cry on when shes crying .

Shes always there for you and she always listens to you even though nobody else doesn't.
"Aulii is the best thing in the world "
by jake125 August 11, 2018
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