Append this string to the end of an Urban Dictionary URL to view page 2 when applicable.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then don't worry, be happy. You're not a nerd.
by You're welcome!! June 4, 2013
Being rebooked in jail for picking up another charge or a warrant while already in custody.
I was just about to be released from jail but got a Page 2 for an old failure to pay warrant.

Common term in Maricopa County Jail in AZ.
by AZ82 April 26, 2013
The darkest, most useless place on the internet. Nothing useful is ever found here. If you've ever needed to hide something, page 2 of google is the place to go. If you've ever gone there, you should probably seek psychiatric help.
Friend: Bro I tried looking up the answers to the homework and found nothing
You: Did you try page 2 of google?
Friend: I-
You: What?
*The number you are trying to reach is unavailable at this time*
by what on god's green earth July 15, 2021
Stem majors are inherently better than non stem majors including bio majors, therefor they get to make the rules
Joe: Look at the bio major trying to get into stem, must not know about Book of law page 487 section 2 line 4.
by Divoks September 28, 2022