Abbreviation, stands for "go to sleep". A sweet-natured night tiding; farewell.
in a text message:

"I'm tired"
"ok, GTS"
by slyy August 31, 2012
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When you need to know something about anything right away, you have to Google That Shit.
I heard that there are some compromising photos of my high school teacher on the internet.

What?? You need to GTS cuz you're high school teacher is a sexy-ass cougar!
by Bruinjedi May 12, 2009
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To get through. Commonly used phrase in Trinidad & Tobago.
Sanim : "Did you finish the MEB homework fam?"
Carlos: "I'm still stuck on it"
Ern: "You guys are so slow. I GT with all of it"
by torooooo January 15, 2017
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Get Through;
To be successful at a particular venture.
Parent: Son, how did you do in your exam?
Son: Norms, I GT.
by DefinrOfWords October 7, 2014
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