Leeter than leet!
Example, freeze a bee, tie a string to it and fly it.
by coolies September 27, 2003
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n.) someone who is extremely talented, yet notoriously flakey

adv.) to not show up or call for a gig, appointment, etc

Popularized after the world famous scratch dj, Klever, became even more infamous for being a flake to the point no one would book him.
1.) There's no way I'll pay to go to that show, I hear the headliner has a serious klever complex.

2.) Johnny 5 pulled a klever the first day of his internship. I would
by SeeingEye September 18, 2008
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tends to act strange
sorry about my boner, finger near a niggers asshole like whoa
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
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An attempt to be clever that results in something not all that clever to others. An obvious attempt at being clever, dismissed as cheesy. Trying too hard to be clever. Sarcastic acknowledgement of someone's attempt to be clever.
They named their salon Krazy Kutz because they're so #klever.
by grannelbark June 09, 2018
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The biggest dick, in life and also bed. Charming and irresistible, can seduce most within minutes. Purely a magic soul that seeks adventure and freedom, wise beyond they're years and extremely intelligent. Has eyes that can look right into your soul, a lover not a fighter but will knock you the Fuck out in a heart beat for messing with someone they love.
by Kleeba December 20, 2016
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