The NFTY URJ Leadership Camp. Awesome beyond words.
1) I went to Kutz this summer and it rocked my socks hardcore.
2) Whats a Kutz?
by Cat/Kiwi March 22, 2005
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To clean in a frantic, body involved manner.

The residue one might find on the bottom of one's shoe after a stroll in the dog park, or on the floor in the kitchen section of a fine five star restaurant establishment.

A word one might use after a painful experience or a situation of high level frustration.

An "awesome" bumbling man powered by large trans fatty filled sandwhiche's, left-over pizza, and tubs of mello yellow and seasoned curled french frie's.

Uncontrolled Rage
"Clean the kutz out of that tray"

"I stepped in kutz."

"Kutz that hurt"

"What the Kutz is he eating?"

"He's kutzing out on me."
by Lynnette DM May 21, 2008
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Kutzes are evil demons that hate children.
by \'Tavi October 31, 2003
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someone who is drop dead gorgeous no matter the day. someone who you want in your life and around you everyday. they are your soulmate friend and clicked upon meeting. everyday the you look at the sun and are reminded of them because of all the light they being into this world. they love wholeheartedly and aggressively.
katie kutz am I right?!
by ifuarereadingthisuarethebest November 7, 2020
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