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A current trending hashtag on Twitter. Being called racist by others is expected after posting said hashtag, Despite the hash tag not being racist whatsoever
Twitter conversation
Eric: Cops aren't just targeting African Americans. #WhiteLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter

Emily: You're a racist
by chicagoman619 December 03, 2014
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Used by racist and white supremacist groups on the alt right. Usually, they will insist that this isn't a racist slogan, but that #BlackLivesMatter is. (I don't get it either.) To clarify, if there were some universe in which white lives were viewed as less worthy than black lives, this would not be a racist statement.

These nerds love to say that white people get shot by American police more than black people. However, from being such giant nerds, they don't realize that white people make up like 73% of the population and black people make up like 12%, and the people killed by police are definitely more than 12% black. If you want more concrete evidence than can be provided in an Urban Dictionary definition, see Sadler et al 2012 (DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-4560.2012.01749.x) and Ross 2015 (DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0141854). But, then again, racists don't use facts anyway.

If you're white and you have no idea what to say to your racist aunt who doesn't get why #WhiteLivesMatter isn't ok, you can consult Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's (fake) blog post called "Understanding America for the Non-American Black: Thoughts on the Special White Friend." As a white person, you're free to say things that black people can rarely feel safe saying in white company.
Nerd: #WhiteLivesMatter isn't racist. Are you saying white lives don't matter?

Chimamanda: STFU until you have to straighten your hair to get a job.
by spotch555 November 21, 2016
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