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The above names a great, great man. Very misunderstood. He may just be the Anti-Hero that the United States of America really needs right now, to save it from itself.

It is popular, obliged and even expected to say that one hates this man, even if one does not actually despise anyone. His badness is consistently overstated. His embroilment in dishonesty is the least extreme of any President since Reagan. This is likely because he made the least campaign promises. He wouldn't have needed to make many whilst running against any person named Clinton.

His straightforward approach to governance while not bothering to avoid stepping on toes is efficient. News media corporations have a multi-billion dollar self-interest in smearing the name.

He is an avid bird fan and is regularly reported tweeting to show his enthusiasm.
#DonaldTrump Hate him so much!

Hey. What did #DonaldTrump ever do to you?

It's more the fact that #DonaldTrump exists.
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by RETAINERCASE May 25, 2018
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