1) A more pre-watershed friendly version of Dogs bollocks.

2) Dog testicles.

3) To be the best example of its kind.
"The mutts nuts are going to be castrated"

"I am the mutt's nuts when it comes to drinking."
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
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Indicates an item of quality.

Synonym for dog's bollocks
Web services are the mutt's nuts
by Ben February 25, 2004
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something that is very good
more polite version of dogs bollocks
Man that was the mutts nuts
by Human Sacrifice November 5, 2003
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Polite version of dogs bollocks, usually the only version you would use at dinner, when meeting your girlfriends parents for the first time.

Thanks for dinner Mrs x, I thought those meatballs were the mutts nuts.

Nice car Mr x, The bentley really is the mutts nuts of motoring isnt it ?

by legs akimbo April 4, 2007
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Like the bee's knees, opposite to the bee's balls and balls to the walls, the mutt's nuts refers to something which is the best, fab, fantastic, or even downright scrumtrellescent. First used in "Beneath A Steel Sky".
Holy acorns, that stallion is one manly stud horse! His gonads must be the mutt's nuts!
by billybee69 November 22, 2010
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