A kid who takes the special bus to school. Its a term for a slow kid though its just idiots makin fun of people.
just because i was in special ed dosen't mean im a window licker.
by sonny vitale.... January 13, 2008
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a mentally impaired person, a helmet, a 'tard
on who rides the short bus.
I saw that window licker riding the short bus with all the other 'tards last week.
by Jasonian November 29, 2005
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retarded people.
ones who sit on the short bus and lick the windows.

im surrounded by window lickers.
that guy is a window licker.
did you see the bus full of window lickers

by NorwalkAfternoon February 12, 2009
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A person with little control over their facial muscles causing their tongue to hang out and excesive drooling to occur.
Stop dribbling Macca you window licker
by Bold King Cole May 17, 2003
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A retard, an idiot, or just a person that licks the windows on the special bus.
ALECK: After I asked out Kalli, I hight fived her because she said yes.

TIM: What the fuck!?!? Are you a window licker?
by Bobby Rydell June 09, 2010
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