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while performing a "Pile Driver" with a chick, who is a squirter and she cums. You have now struck oil, and are an Oil-Baron
yeah? you Oil Baron you
by zzyyxxzyzyx April 19, 2011
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When you sneak into someones house and shit on their kitchen counter. Preferably on a cheese platter next to some Fresh Havarti and some Ritz.
Tom totally pissed me off when he cock blocked me with that bitch, so I totally snuck into his house and left him a Steam-Cracker on his kitchen counter
by zzyyxxzyzyx April 04, 2011
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Like a sucker punch, but with your dick
If that bitch ain't careful, I'll sucker fuck her right in the ass
by zzyyxxzyzyx November 03, 2016
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