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(Japanese slang) A girl who appears pretty from behind but not from the front.
Ugh - that back end is the phatness, but the girl's a bakku-shan. If you gotta get it, get it from the back.
by zurielseven May 23, 2006
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The feeling you get after pushing the selector button for what you bought out of the vending machine, 'cause you know that you didn't select what you *really* wanted.

This emotion is common when there are two things you have a taste for but only enough money to buy one, and may involve someone else influencing your decision.

A Vending scam always makes vendi-envy more painful...
Tom: "Twix or Snickers... Twix or Snickers... Twix or Snickers... ? I'm in the mood for Twix!"
Harry: "Tom, you just had Twix yesterday, maybe you should go with the Snickers."
Tom: "No - I'm positive: I want Twix! *puts in money* B.... 9..."
*machine vends a Twix as Tom's smile goes away*
Harry: "Aren't you going to open that?"
Tom: "... Meh. I really wanted a Snickers."
Harry: "Another sixty-five cents, another case of vendi-envy..."
by zurielseven April 15, 2011
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Another name for a cell phone without a headset used by a driver while driving. Causes the driver's blind spot to go from a minimal 15 degrees over either shoulder to a stunning 180 degrees on their right (or left) side, as they forget to check their mirrors before doing something stupid like cutting you off.

A good wingman is the best defense against drivers employing blind spot enhancers. Most traffic cops will accept this as a patent reason for getting caught in a speed trap in moderate traffic.
Tom: *driving to a party with Harry riding shotgun*
Harry: "Hey, Tom - this party's gonna be banging..."
Tom: "Yeah - it'll be off the hook!"
Harry: *looks out the passenger side* "Uh-oh... Bogey with a blind spot enhancer, 3-o-clock. You might wanna shake him before he..."
*Mr. Blind-Spot-Enhancer School-O-Driving starts drifting left, forcing Tom to do 88 to avoid getting hit*
Tom: *checks his mirrors* "That was close, hope the 5-0 flex that fool."
by zurielseven April 15, 2011
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Someone obsessed with finding the placement of items in their immediate surroundings to obtain the maximum comfort and convenience.
Most men are ergomaniacs during March Madness - the couch is used for reclining, and the table has to make the perfect footrest. While reclining, they must be able to reach 5 types of snacks, 2 types of food, 3 desserts, and 3 electronic remotes. At the same time.
by zurielseven May 15, 2008
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Someone who, even though they are headin for the top, ballin', comin' up, whateva, does inexplicable and unwarranted (usually flamboyant) things to give themselves a good screwing-over.
Man, T.O. really Tom Cruised himself with that Cowboys Star stunt, expecting to be on the fans good side when he signed with them.

Katherine Harris. 'nuff said.
by ZurielSeven October 17, 2006
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