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The feeling you get after pushing the selector button for what you bought out of the vending machine, 'cause you know that you didn't select what you *really* wanted.

This emotion is common when there are two things you have a taste for but only enough money to buy one, and may involve someone else influencing your decision.

A Vending scam always makes vendi-envy more painful...
Tom: "Twix or Snickers... Twix or Snickers... Twix or Snickers... ? I'm in the mood for Twix!"
Harry: "Tom, you just had Twix yesterday, maybe you should go with the Snickers."
Tom: "No - I'm positive: I want Twix! *puts in money* B.... 9..."
*machine vends a Twix as Tom's smile goes away*
Harry: "Aren't you going to open that?"
Tom: "... Meh. I really wanted a Snickers."
Harry: "Another sixty-five cents, another case of vendi-envy..."
by zurielseven April 15, 2011
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