A guy you think of in the shower that makes you do..."wacca
Bill from work was my shower boy this morning. I "wacca-wacca'd" for an hour.
by Lil Tiny April 05, 2010
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A certain AA that performs the act of African Goggles in the shower with his father.
Jim: See that AA over there?
Tony: Yeah, stay away from him. He's a Shower Boy that smells like his Dad's cum.
by Shower Boy March 07, 2018
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one who likes to get his groove on in and out of the shower. A showerboy will groove it out under any circumstance!
Its just like when you have to go to Danny's in Windsor, and you are so flustered with all the action going on, and then a showerboy turns the heat up even more, with a thrustful pelvic giration.
by Josh November 10, 2004
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