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The "best of both worlds" bra size-- not too big, not too small. Look equally great in couture coverage or revealing cleavage.
B-cups are the 'Reese's Peanut Butter Cups' of breasts-- sweet, satisfying, and just the right size.
I don't need any padded bras for my B-cups, I like 'em just fine. I'll be rockin' those girls out on the town tonight.
by Zelums July 19, 2011

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A state in which you are extremely annoyed by other humans and their unseemly activities, despite being human yourself. Very aware and intelligent individuals who aren't "people persons" seem to be most prone to being humannoyed. This state is usually transient, otherwise it may signal some sort of antisocial personality disorder when very prolonged. Note this is usually a state of disdain, not aggression.
I don't go out on Black Friday," Jane said, "because if I do I will become intensely humannoyed by all of those grabby, greedy fools and their terrible spawn. I'm not a consummate misanthrope, but humans sure are a bane to this planet and my sanity sometimes.
by zelums November 11, 2010

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A person who responds thusly when called a creeper: "Uh, do I look like a giant, green, penis-shaped monster to you?!"
The awkward man, after being labeled a creeper and shot down by the girl at the party, lurched home to play yet another round of Minecraft.
by zelums April 29, 2012

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When a black man usurps the romantic machinations of a white man on a lady, and it turns out he's either got way more game or she likes men of color better anyway.
John thought things were moving in the right direction after chatting all night with Stacy. But when Tyrone came over with her next drink and a smile, John became all but forgotten by Stacy. Total Cauc block.
by zelums November 11, 2010

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