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Killed 35 unsuspecting cunts in Tasmania, Australia on 28 April 1996 with:

a knife
AR15 assault rifle

User 1: Cho Seung-Hui's high score was awesome!

User 2: Martin Bryant.

by zadkovich March 21, 2009

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A band of 3 guys who play punk music. The majority of their songs contain 4 chords - C5, G5, A5 and F5, which they put fairly catchy melodies to, which can be a hard thing to pull off for a bunch of guys who sound awful live and always make mistakes on songs such as Carosel - I mean, the bass player has to sit down to play the Intro. The drummer has excellent talent (and I enjoy drummers such as Danny Carey, Matt McDonough and Grant Collins) and should never have been involved with this sack of shit band.

Blink 182, although they can write some decent songs, are terrible. I hate punk myself, but go and listen to Frenzal Rhomb.

If you have any education or appreciation for music, you will most likely dislike Blink 182 along with the majority of real music lovers.
Person 1 - Hey, did you see Blink 182 on Friday night?

Person 2 - Yeah they can hardly play their own songs, their guitarist sucks major ass.
by zadkovich September 29, 2006

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Hellyeah is a 'supergroup' made up of great musicians from a range of heavy metal bands - Mudvayne, Pantera, Nothingface and Damage Plan. Current members are Chad Gray(vox), Greg Tribbett (guitar), Tom Maxwell (guitar), Bob Zillz (bass) and Vinnie Paul Abbott (drums). A lot of people would believe they are a 'nu-metal' band however, that is incorrect.

Their self-titled album, 'Hellyeah', debuted on April 10, 2007 via Epic Records. The album debuted at #9 on the Billboard 200 album charts, with sales of just under 45,000. It also reached #9 on the UK charts and #4 on the Australian charts. Their first single, 'You Wouldn't Know', hit radio stations in late February. Vinnie Paul has stated that Hellyeah is a side-project, saying that they will tour for most of 2007, before the members of Mudvayne and Nothingface return to their bands.
-What's the name of that new kickass band with the dudes from Mudvayne and Pantera in it?


-Yes, those awesome fuckers!
by zadkovich June 13, 2007

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