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Public High is the state of being high as to where you are pretty blitzed, but you can still function in public and hold relatively intelligent conversations.
"Man you couldn't even talk at that party last night." -Guy 1
"Yea dude, I was waayyy past public high, man. I was too gone." -Guy 2
by zachman4589 October 27, 2009
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this is the past tense of wake and bake, where one proceeds to smoke right after waking up in the morning.
"Yea man we had Thanksgiving lunch so me and my sis woke 'n' boke!" - John Stamos
by zachman4589 November 27, 2009
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This is the bowl one smokes to bring himself back down to what is called "public high" after smoking out of an instrument of mass destruction, such as a waterfall bong. This ties in as well with the warm up bowl, the one that gets you ready for the instrument of mass destruction.
"damn, man, I gotta go meet up with my parents"- Guy 1
"no worries man, we'll just cool you off with a warm-down bowl."- Guy 2
by zachman4589 October 27, 2009
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