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1. The enemy of every gamer/anime fan out there.

2. Middle aged women who drive their kids around from school to activities in SUVs and have absolutely no driving skils. I mean reallly. They cause most of the accident on the roads. They also try to cancel anything that has a message, such as anime, music, internet sites, video games, and love. These fuckers really need to be shot.
Me: Yeah, so I was listening to Green Day the other day, and-

Soccer Mom: Don't say that name around my children! I'm telling your mothers!

Friend: What the...fuck off, we're talking here!


Me:(Pulls out gun and shoots) Bitch. Now where's my Foamy the squirrel?!?!?!
by yoyobling October 13, 2004

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That other holiday nobody really cares about, because:

1. They're too busy buying things for Christmas


2. They're too busy complaining about how Chanukah isn't appreciated enough
Hey, you know it's true.
by yoyobling December 20, 2004

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a rip-off of Yu-Gi-Oh, which is a rip-off of Pokemon, which is a rip-off of anime.
Watch the trend:

Pokemon: I'll send out my Pikachu to fight your Mewtwo!

Yu-Gi-Oh: I'll summon my Dark Magician to duel your Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

Duel Masters: ...You get the picture.
by yoyobling October 13, 2004

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