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a female who tends to be a whore, slut, "jump-off"..
"man, this chick at my job is like a party joint.. they just passin her around"

"yo dog, leave her alone.. she's a party joint.. everybody done hit that!"
by youngtippa March 18, 2009

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when trying to call someone, who has a NexTel phone and all you hear is, "PLS WAIT WHILE THE SUBSCRIBER YOU ARE TRYING TO REACH IS LOCATED"
"damn!.. the train is late and Im trying to call my wife but I cant get through.. U know she has a damn NexFail phone"
by youngtippa March 11, 2009

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when someone of the spanish, latin(specifically puerto ricans & cubans) descent gets on your nerves. When an older female texts, stalk and/or harasses a man younger than her.
"OMG, Ive been seein this hot MILF, but she's turning into a Carrafleao.. What should i do?!!?"
by youngtippa March 11, 2009

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When you are having a conversation with a friend/co-worker/family member, and someone else is nearby, trying to listen in on your conversation.
"..Hey Anita, we'll finish this conversation another time.. You know your friend Alexis be earhustlin all crazy!!"

"Damn dog, im tired of arguin wit my girl.. But every time I pick up my phone, she start earhustlin all crazy in on my conversation"

by youngtippa April 10, 2009

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