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Saying nasty things about obama to upset and piss off his supporters.
obama bashing is a constitutionally protected right, and a lot of fun.
by yorkiestomper August 29, 2008

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The Mexican flag beaners fly at rallies demanding amnesty for illegal immigrants.
Any beaner caught flying a beaner banner should be deported to Mexico.
by yorkiestomper April 21, 2008

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Certified Public Asshole, someone who has dedicated his life to making other people miserable. A CPA can be a bully, a gossip, a trouble maker or any type of jerk who enjoys making others suffer. They always seem to do well at others expense, and secretly regard everyone else as lower life forms.
Life got much better after the CPA left.
by yorkiestomper April 20, 2008

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A nigga with a dick so big that every time he gets a hard on all the blood rushes into his dick causing brain damage due to lack of oxygen. The nigga is always fucking black hoes and white skanks so his IQ gets lower over time. The nigga doesn't care if this happens because the bitches he fucks wants him for his big dick not his mind. Most whites think niggas is born stupid or destroy their brains with drugs, this isn't true it's their big dicks that fuck them up.
ELmo is one retarded stud his IQ is smaller than his dick. But he doesn't care he still fucks all the bitches.
by yorkiestomper April 09, 2008

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The capslock key, the most useless key on the key board.
Shit I hit the crapslock key and have to start over again.
by yorkiestomper July 10, 2008

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Something every nigga has.
If you ain't got a big dick you ain't no nigga
by yorkiestomper April 09, 2008

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