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"Picture With Box or So Much BullShit" is used to verify that the picture(s) and/or story that a poster in Off Topic has told is either the truth or utter bullshit.
"Hey, I LTP to Hillary Swank last night"

"Right, Hummel, PWBOSMBS"
by Yeti February 03, 2005

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1. (adj)describing someone who is angry, upset, frustrated

2. (n) the state of being angry, mad, upset etc.

3. adj the way someones face looks when they are angry
1. everyone is all grrface today

2.Someone stole my money, grrface!

3.her face is all grrface, i think she's mad
by yeti November 28, 2004

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A professor in the feild of Lark
Lark Prof makes no sence.
Larko-P is tha man
by Yeti January 24, 2004

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aren't you
you're the gangsta innit
by yeti April 11, 2003

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