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An oversized platinum, gold or silver pendant sometimes encrusted with diamonds and other gems made in the likeness of Jesus. These pendants are worn on a heavy rope style of necklace.

The Jesus piece, and other styles of large pendants worn with rope style jewelry have been a staple of hip hop youth culture for nearly thirty years. Presently, hip hop artists and fans alike use the Jesus piece as a symbol of being "hood" or keepin' it real and being extravagantly wealthy at the same time. The Jesus piece testifies to the fact "you can take the man out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the man."

It's like that, and that's the way it is. HUH!
After the famous hip hop artist assured an entertainment reporter he was "an ordinary erryday
type-a dude from around the way just keepin it gangsta and keepin it street"; he turned to the cameras to pose for a photo opportunity, holding his 150,000 dollar diamond studded platinum Jesus piece in his right hand and making a sideways peace sign with his left.
by yallahyallah February 07, 2008
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Another way of saying "beat it"
You know...drums...beat it...ya get it?
Oh no you didn't just ask me to drive you to a mall three hours away so you can buy four new pairs of Jordans, a Wii, an iPhone, a gold rope with a Jesus piece the size of my head and a different pair of Under Armor for every day of the week then tell me "...but I can't give you any gas money 'cause I'm broke"!

Are you nuts? DRUMS, holmes! Take that garbage explanation to the next chick.
by yallahyallah February 06, 2008
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friend in my head

A celebrity or other famous person you don't know personally but he or she seems like the type of person you would befriend.
Barack Obama is a FIMH. His smile is genuine and in his speeches he comes across as sincere and dedicated. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is not a FIMH. Her uptight attitude combined with her strategic burst of spontaneous tears in New Hampshire make her really annoying to me.
by yallahyallah February 13, 2008
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