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Badass rapper from the triple six mafia click, Hypnotized Camp Possie. Hes got some tight ass flows. This nigga raps some real shit, listen to his lyrics its deep.
lil chrome mayne, listen to his song "23 and 1", that shows how real this man is.

" what cha niggas know about really bein' locked down, 23 and 1, the lower level know as down town "
by xxdizannyxx February 11, 2006
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Frayser boy is one of the baddest ass rappers from HCP, hes reppin the bay and has some wicked wild flows.
Listen to pistol playa, Walk a mile, closed mouth, and bloody murder and you will know what sayin mayne
by xxdizannyxx March 30, 2005
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simply put, a lead banger is a gun.
you can catch me in the club with a double lead banger, im the wrong one to fuck with.
by xxdizannyxx January 18, 2006
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a dumb word a bunch of pimple faced internet nerds use to show they're e-skill.
people who use the words pwn, noob, own etc, will always have thick glasses & SOMEHOW think these words are cool. say that in public and get your pepperoni face jacked.
by xxdizannyxx March 05, 2005
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hard ass mother fuckin underground rapper from memphis TN. You dont want to fuck with this nigga

listen to south parkway and you will see how hard this nikka is
gangsta blac in south park:

S-S-S-S-O-U-T-H yeah parkway, dont play damn damn day, get cha shit straight, test us then we test you too shit, all us all yall too is on shit!!
by xxdizannyxx July 21, 2006
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