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First nicotine buzz of the morning. Gives you a wicked head rush due to the nicotine content in your system being low after sleeping
"dude i just got the most intense morning buzz this morning i was wobbling like crazy"
by xboxsuckspsftw November 28, 2017
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A dress someone posted online that for some odd reason have people seeing it as white and gold, and some people seeing it as blue and black. It's blue and black and the company that made the dress even confirmed it.
Sally showed the dress that broke the internet to her dad and he said that it was white and gold.
by xboxsuckspsftw February 27, 2015
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person a: “damn bro i fuck with the freshies where’d u cop?”

person b: “walmart
by xboxsuckspsftw April 19, 2019
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The music video by Britney Spears that gave every twelve year old their first boner.
Person 1: yo did you see toxic yet?
Person 2: yeah man Britney is so hot
by xboxsuckspsftw April 25, 2015
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