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A common phrase seen on myspace profiles signifying that the person with this comment has recently tried to "ADD to Friends" someone and they accepted. Also, a polite way of saying "I don't know you or anything about you, but hey, thanks for taking an interest in me..."
%WoRlD Of sORrOwS% would like to be added to your friends.
Accept Deny
--clicks accept--
--goes to profile of %WoRlD Of sORrOwS%--
--clicks Add Comment--
--Types "Thanks for the add!"--
by xalcoholx March 17, 2006
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A member of any band that insists he is the best one in the band and writes all the music and calls all the shots. Often tells the other band members what to do which directly leads them to talk about him behind his back. Most band nazis are lead guitarists.
Drummer: Kyle is so annoying. Did you see him telling me how to play to that stupid riff he made up?
Singer: Yeah! He fucking sucks.
Bassist: What a band nazi.
by xalcoholx March 12, 2006
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a fork. best described on the disney movie the little mermaid.
This here dingle hopper is for eatin'.
by xalcoholx March 14, 2006
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