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Obviously, this is an impossible word to define. It has no boundaries and God is Infinity (<-no boundaries).

By being infinite, God is everywhere and no where, everything and nothing. God is our very self. God is not an exact person, though, we generally use the third person singular male pronouns (He, Him, His, and the label Father) because that is the common practice where most of our readers live.
Person 1: Oh my god! There's God!

Person 2: What? God isn't a person.
by xXkuroXkageXninjaXx August 21, 2008
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I'd say that a moshpit is a pile (or pit) of people doing some wacked out, aggressive-filled dancing. The dancing within the moshpits moshing includes pushing, punching, kicking, jumping, and anything else that can be done physically.

It's pretty pointless to be coming out with a broken bone or something, but it's a good way to let out anger or aggression on someone you don't know!
Just watch a few videos that are at a hardcore, metal, or heavy-sounding rock band's concert, most of them (rather all of them) might include moshpits.
by xXkuroXkageXninjaXx August 21, 2008
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