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A tiny (boring) little town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where nothing ever happens. The most excitement that's happened here, is when they put up a Domino's. Pretty boring, if you ask me....
1: What's there to do here?

2: We can walk around town which will take about half an hour or so. We can go to the playgrounds or go fishing or chill on the railroad tracks near the marina.

1: Well that sounds boring. What do you have to eat around here?

2: Domino's, McDonald's, Subway, Cafe Milano's, some Chinese places....That's really about it.

1: Wow. Federalsburg is BORING!

2: You're telling me. At least you don't have to live here!!
by xXNikafaXx January 18, 2011

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A repeated tweet
Lisa: Lisa is outside looking the stars

(Two weeks later)

Lisa: Lisa is outside looking at the stars
Rick: You tweeted that two weeks ago! Stop repitweeting!!
by xXNikafaXx March 30, 2011

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Another tiny town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Preston is even smaller than Federalsburg. They have a whooping total of about 5 cops, and one stoplight. There's really no point in the stoplight, though. It's really dumb. Anyway, there's absolutely nothing to do in Preston. The only thing that goes on is the town carnival in the summer.
1. We've gone all over Preston, Maryland. There's nothing to do.

2. I know. Feel sorry for me. I have to live here.

1. Oh trust me. I do.

2. Thanks.

1. What's with there only being one stoplight in town, though?

2. I don't know, but it's right retarded if you ask me.
by XxNikafaxX March 01, 2012

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