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A tiny (boring) little town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where nothing ever happens. The most excitement that's happened here, is when they put up a Domino's. Pretty boring, if you ask me....
1: What's there to do here?

2: We can walk around town which will take about half an hour or so. We can go to the playgrounds or go fishing or chill on the railroad tracks near the marina.

1: Well that sounds boring. What do you have to eat around here?

2: Domino's, McDonald's, Subway, Cafe Milano's, some Chinese places....That's really about it.

1: Wow. Federalsburg is BORING!

2: You're telling me. At least you don't have to live here!!
by xXNikafaXx January 18, 2011
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a little town where absolutely NOTHING happens except the occasion drug bust. was originally named Northwest Fork, until some Feds came and changed it, literally.
federalsburg is a boring town
by just myself June 29, 2009
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