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Two extremely ignorant gangs that its no
wonder theres so much black on black crime today. These gangs are really something that kids shouldnt idolize.
These gangs formed outta Compton Califoria (and in some other Cali areas I think) and have been rivals since the
80's or some shit (I'm not sure how long) Bloods wear red and crips of course blue.
Tyrone: Hey man, I'm going to grab some beer at the store.

Jake: Wait are you goin 2 Bentleys beer shop?

Tyrone: yeah why?

Jake:Then put on some fuckin red!!!!!!!!
There be a lotta crips!!!
by x9 March 06, 2005

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A non commerical genre of rap music that
actually in my opinion has more originality and talent than most commercialized shit on TV. The Deftinitive Jux label is a fine example
of oiginal hip hop, if ya havent checked out that label, type up www.definitivejux.com.
Mr. Lif is an underground rapper that express politics, and society issues in
an intense, intellegent lyrical discharge.
by x9 March 05, 2005

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A hot underground MC from New York that
some people misunderstand. He actually
grew up abused (Im really sorry 2 hear thatlike Eminem did and makes rap about
life, hallucinations and crazy crap.
Cage grew up almost the same as Em, but only in New York
by x9 February 26, 2005

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A very original hard rock band with a sound like NO OTHER. Chino Morenos vocals are so powerfull and engaging to
the listener. His voice is used in so many different ways its mindblowing.
Currently produced 4 CDs that sold well
and have a new CD on the way by the end of this month. The 28th. Nuff said, Deftones are like no other.
"Be quiet and drive" is one the fan favorites.
by x9 March 02, 2005

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A very talented band out of Cali that NO
one can compare to. This band has made
their own distict sound that no other band has. Chino Morenos vocals are so
unique. He Uses his voice in so many ways, that he makes the listener
engaged into what he's saying. The lyrics can mean anything to anybody and that's the shit. Best songs are Hexagram, Bored, 7 words, Be quiet and drive and much more. I got
all 4 cds, and I MUST SAY I GOTMY ,MONEYS WORTH!!!!
The Deftones mix their music up with
some hard, heavy stuff and tone it down
some nice alternative sound.
by x9 February 28, 2005

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One of the most succesful labels out there for independent/underground hip hop. Founded by El-p, and has a big roster of original underground talent.
Best 2 check out are Mr. Lif, Murs, Aesop Rock, and El-p! These rappers are
so original that they make most mainstream rap look like nothin. Nuff said, Def Jux is a label 2 check out.
Emergency Rations by Mr. Lif is such a tight record. Lif really rips on the
government in this record.
by x9 February 27, 2005

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A genre of electronica that is really
fast paced and mindblowing.
Technical itch is a pioneer of Dnb
by x9 March 18, 2005

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