Chino Moreno - THE SEX.
He's sexy and his voice is the ultimate best, when he sings, Jesus gets a boner.
"Dude, I totally pulled a Chino Moreno on her last night."
by OrangeKat96 June 12, 2009
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Lead singer of the Nu-Metal band, Deftones. Has the sexiest, most seductive, yet brutal voice of all time. His voice has the power to make girls drop their panties.
Chino Moreno's voice is like 1000 angles!
by saw_thebutcher June 13, 2010
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Fucking god. Sexy in every way possible. Lead singer of the Mind blowing hardrock/Metal band:"Deftones."
I am his RX Queen. "'Cause you're my girl, and that's alright,if you sting me I won't mind..."
by noctem April 02, 2005
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%on dieu, mon maitre, mon ange mais avant tout mon père...oui oui je suis clara moreno, la digne fille de voix, ses textes... Deftones c'est Deftones. hum Chino est un bon vivant...un etre exceptionnel.
chino et la vodka ca fait un.
by Clara Moreno January 21, 2004
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