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A far left-winged socialist who is also the President of Venezuela. He would have made a fine president if he didn't become friends with Iran and North Korea, simply for the sake of pissing off the US. It can be understood why he dislikes the US, but he doesn't have to be stupid.
The US hates Hugo Chavez, but not too much because a lot of their oil comes from Venezuela.
by www.afterthought.cjb.cc September 16, 2006
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A great indie band that gets more popular by the album. Their greatest wave of popularity came after appearing on The O.C. playing "Title And Registration".

Some emo kids listen to DCFC, which is total disrespect for the band. DCFC is NOT emo, they are INDIE, almost pop-ish rock. I'd say that DCFC is more for preppy people, or just people with real musical tastes in general.

Many people say they love Death Cab, but they're liars unless they've heard Death Cab's old stuff, and not just their two most recent albums. The old stuff is gold.
My favourite song by Death Cab For Cutie is the original "Title And Registration". But you've never heard that version before, have you?
by www.afterthought.cjb.cc September 13, 2006
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To shoot someone with a "gat", or in other words, a firearm. Simple as that.

It is derived from the noun "gat" and somehow converted to an action verb, so that whoever says it still sounds gangsta.
Dat bitch was talkin' shit so I decided to gat his punk ass.

When da popo caught me ridin' dirty, I thought, "Fuck it, since I'm going to jail anyway I might as well try to gat dem foos da best I can".
by www.afterthought.cjb.cc July 17, 2006
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A song by Immortal Technique attacking vegetarians/vegans for ruthlessly pushing their agenda on others.
You know, I don't criticize people for eating moss, then don't open your fucking mouth about my food, man. I like beef and broccoli, motherfucker.

(from the song)
by www.AFTERTHOUGHT.cjb.cc December 03, 2006
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