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A very fat person, that is so fat they seem as round
The fat man walked down the street and the child called out god damm look at that motherfucking rhotumbus
by wrubens August 18, 2006

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A mythical portly man that grants barbar eden type genie wishes. Do not use the wishes to have sex with hefty women, because this will anger the colonel
The colonel granted me three wishes that night I fucked three fat bithces. Colonel Rubens called me a fucking stoonoad
by wrubens August 18, 2006

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A semi-bald pre-op tranny that is the personal bitch of B-train. Dresses in the manner of the male prostitute. Also the largest mungler on the DC freedom board.
S dog said to B-train "Glen can't make the meeting tonight at Ragtime, perhaps I will give him a gentlemen caller on Thursday" B-Train said "what a Cunk Nuggle, I will set him him up with my ambigiously gay cousin Herman"
by wrubens September 12, 2006

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A bitch of a man who is only capable of causing arousal and wetness in the loins of post operative transvestite men
S dog said to B train "I hear Glen can only turn on transvestites" B train said " Yes you are correct sir, he is in fact the original tranbox Glendizer" M Diamond said "He's also a colossal bitch"
by wrubens September 21, 2006

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