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A verb meaning to adore someone or something. An intensified version of less than three. Also ">3".
Nerd Girl: I less than three you. *giggle*
Nerd Guy: Well I more than three you. *giggle*
Nerd Girl: Well I more than more than three you. *giggle*
Passerby: Shut the fuck up!
by wordshark May 20, 2008

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A slogan used by students who live in the Radcliffe Quadrangle at Harvard. Encapsulates the many ways in which the Quad is better than the Yard (better food, better housing, no cockroaches, etc.)
Guy 1: Poor Tom. You gotta feel sorry for him, living in his cramped four-person suite in Adams.
Guy 2: Too bad for him. I'm sure enjoying my spacious single in Pfoho. QUAD LIFE!
by wordshark July 23, 2010

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Short for Subaru, the most awesome car ever. Considerably less lame than other car nicknames such as "caddy" or "jag," possibly because it rhymes with "dude."
*ring ring*
Guy: Where are you, dude?
Other Guy: Cruisin' in my sube.
Guy: Dude!
by wordshark May 20, 2008

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A serious college relationship where the participants basically act like an old married couple. Does not entail being engaged, and may or may not result in actual marriage, but typically lasts for at least the entire duration of the couple's college experience.
- Seems like we never see Brian anymore. Think he and Katie are ever going to break up?
- Not a chance. They're in a total college marriage.
by wordshark February 11, 2011

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Communication, relationships, social interaction, etc. that takes place over a usually long-distance medium such as phone or internet but which occurs within earshot. Opposite of long-distance.
Lacey (texting): omgwtf im so board lollll
Stacy (aloud): Why are you texting me? I'm sitting right next to you. Cut the short-distance crap.
by wordshark May 20, 2008

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Short for "Agree with this web pipe"

A Usenet thing, concurring with a previous post in the thread.
Person 1: ZOMG guyz tihs is liek my favrite site EVARR!!!
Person 2: Methinks Person 1 needs to lay off the crack.
Person 3: AWTWP
by wordshark May 10, 2008

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Vehicle windows (as in a pimpmobile) which are so heavily tinted that they are almost opaque.
It's impossible to see what Joe and his girlfriend are doing in his car cause of his pimp windows...
by wordshark October 21, 2007

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