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A girl who makes a habit of using guys for attention, affection, sex or other gifts.
Tasha: " What you doin' this weekend, girl??"
Leia: "My boyfriend Adam is out of town for a few days and I don't want to feel lonely for a minute. I've had Jim on a string on the side for awhile - I'll meet him with a bunch of my friends for a free bottle of wine and dinner".
Tasha: You a playerette, girl!!
by wmbdover January 23, 2011

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1. The act of being unusually nice or pleasant to a person, as that person is simultaneously being dumped upon, blown off or otherwise snubbed.

2. An inappropriately apathetic or hostile response to a thoughtful or kind gesture.
Airline {In a warm, syrupy prerecorded voice}: Your flight from Reno to Chicago was due to depart in an hour. We took the liberty of canceling that flight just a few minutes ago. You needn't thank us now, but we made arrangements to complete your trip by rerouting you via Portland, Maine late tomorrow. It will add only a few hours in a crowded plane to your vacation!! And have a great day!!

Jim (to wife): "Crap. The airline just handed us a modified Cleveland Steamer."
by wmbdover April 20, 2012

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