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Like mean girls, except they're guys with all the domination and populartiy at the school and get all the hot chicks. Your average jock group.
Jason, Trent and Kyle are such fucking mean boys! They run the school totally popular and kick ass in sports..damn i wish I was like them
by willie March 8, 2005
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The guys in school who have their own group that is on top of everyone elses stupid version of a group and they know it too. Very hard group to get into; each one of them meaner than the next. Always get the hot girls. Always pretend to not know whats up whos doing who, who sells the best stuff, but they do because usually they are the ones doing it. Almost as mean as 'mean girls'. Groups tend to be 4-7 varies at what schoool. Basically in smaller words, the guys you try to be like and you'll never be.
Will,Randy,Jacob,Mark,Luke and Matt; are everything I want to be. Popular, hot, funny and good with the women! Dang, I whish I had their status. There..like 'mean girls' except their guys, so i guess their...MEAN BOYS
by willie April 17, 2007
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i am so melly right now#
by willie December 14, 2003
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"Str8 from 10-uh-C, wit curls and gold teeth" = Eight Ball
how can you say Tennessee sucks?? thats one of the best states in the souf!
by willie April 1, 2004
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being funky.
Yo bathroom is stankalin.
by willie June 30, 2002
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