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It is actually a combination of two words and it started in forum thread. It's when something is orgasmically awesome, orsm! It could be used in numerous ways, like a replacement for cool. Popular Internet chat and text messaging slang, since it's so short.
John "wow that was fantastic!"
Doe "yeah it was orsm!"

John "what an orsm day!"
Doe "sure is, let's take our orsm car for drive!"
by wilburlikesmith September 11, 2013
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It's word, a phrasal verb - rather a cry out, to use when you're in a louder or sound obtrusive environment than another person trying to say, conversation like, something to you.
Doeness: Hey John did I ever tell you...

John (while flushing the toilet): Grinder, grinder!
by wilburlikesmith March 11, 2019
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It is a new music genre created by SUB-SANE an alias of Michael V Music. Do a google for any of those names and have a listen.
MvM dropped some phat bass hop tracks last night!
by wilburlikesmith August 19, 2016
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