5 definitions by whyarewehere

some random person 1: man im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored
some random person 2: type qwertyuioasdfghjkzxcvbn BUT ORIGANAL
some random person 1: oki i'll just type poiuytrewlkjhgfdmnbvcx
some random person 1: waitwhatimnotboredanymore
some random person 2: lol that is the POWER OF POIUYTREWLKJHGFDSMNBVCX
by whyarewehere April 7, 2021
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Kirby why are you using a gun in a e rated game?
Person 1: hey dude i had a thought about some 02 guy can you help? Person 2: *Searches kirby 02* Person 1: OH GOD WHAT THE heck
by whyarewehere April 14, 2022
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ayo wanna play Questio


wait what is it
Questio nbubhub
by whyarewehere April 22, 2021
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best vtuber to every be lewd
person 1: hey guys ima watch shylily's stream
person 2: can i fap to it
person 1 and 3: what the hell
person 2: she's lewd so what
person 1: you may not coom to funni orca
person 2: *cooms anyways*
by whyarewehere April 21, 2022
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Person 1: Hey Timmy Whats the best game ever. Person 2 (Timmy): Sonic 4 Episode 1. Person 1: im proud of you timmy go play fortnite for 50 hours now
by whyarewehere April 14, 2022
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