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damn, your sad? listen to her music.
your happy? listen to her music.
depressed? you guessed it, listen to her music.
bad mood? click off of urban dictionary, click on spotify and search billie eilish and click play
trust me and listen to her,
myself to myself
"aww man I failed all my tests, my dog died, my boyfriend broke up with me, and taco Bell is closed"
random voice
"go to spotify and listen to Billie eilish, listen to idk, "hostage","youshouldseemeinacrown", "lovely", doesn't matter"
me to random voice
"uhhh, okay?"
15 min later
me to me
"who ever that was, they were right"
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by whoknows?? November 27, 2018

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a total bitch, who will gain all your trust and secrets then DROP YOU LIKE UR WORTH A PENNY
someone: “oh isnt that kid named kyle? arent you friends with him?”
me: “i used to be best friends with kyle, not anymore he left me and lied to me about hella thing”

someone: “fake ass motherfucker”
by whoknows?? May 26, 2019

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