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A Malicious Internet Troll.
Websites around the world are being attacked by the "Proteus" troll.
by whodunnit December 27, 2005
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(Noun) A derogatory term for an attractive black female with dark skin similar to an African who would have been brought over as a slave.
Man 1: Damn that black girl is fine!

Man 2: I'm not really into dark-skinned girls...

Man 1: What? You don't like Shackle Candy?
by whoDunnit October 02, 2012
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A person who sucks up to their elders and does everything that they say.
O my gosh, Harry is such a goodygoody! He's once again insisting to run an errand to the boss!
by whodunnit May 09, 2003
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Someone who can't make up their mind and gets on the nerves of another person. Someone who acts like Benedict Arnold.
Caddie was being a fickle-freak when he/she kept switching sides between friends and telling them eachother's secrets.
by whodunnit May 09, 2003
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A term used to define a back-pack that is hiked up on the back of a person
Johnny's tard-bag was hiked up onto his shoulders.
by whodunnit May 09, 2003
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