A slang term for someone of mixed race used by Hawaii residents. Must have at least four ethnicities in your background.
"That girl is one hot poi dog. Must be the Hawaiian-Chinese-Filipino-Haole in her."
by From the Mainland August 17, 2006
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any dog owned by a local on islands of hawaii. in most cases a poi dog is a black or brown pittbull. it will eat anything with rice or mayonaise on it.

filipinos in hawaii dont usually have poi dogs, unless they are vegetarian. hahahaahahahaa. k im sorry. bad joke. whatever i have tons of filipino friends and they are all here with me.

dont kick my ass.
Ratz: "Hey brah! how'd u get the kama'aina discount? dont they see u stay haole?"

Gabe: "no worries, braddah, i brought my poi dog. dey no only locals got poi dogs."
by who the fuck knows? January 26, 2006
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