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Rejecting a romantic prospect when it becomes clear they are not taking pandemic precautions (masking, distancing) seriously.
“Hey, how’d it go with that hot guy on Tinder?”
Faucid- he wouldn’t wear a mask, so I had to dump him.”
by weblizard February 16, 2021
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The safe way to greet or say goodbye to people when highly infectious diseases are spreading through your town, country, or planet.
Usually delivered by a gentle sideways bump.
“Bro, whassup?”
“Hey, no bro-hugs these days, dude- give me an Ebola elbow”
by weblizard March 18, 2020
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Pussy Ass Bitch-In- Chief when a PAB invades the White House and embeds its feeding apparatus in a nation’s economy.
Man, that PABIC can’t handle being wrong about even the weather!
Alternative: PABUS (PAB of the United States)
by weblizard September 12, 2019
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Congressional cowards who live in terror of a congealed marmalade hairball’s mood swings. Willing to deny reality rather than defy a sociopath or acolytes of a sociopath.
“Not exactly a surprise, the chickenshit caucus let Trump off again.”
“Damn, they’ll lick the crap off the boot on their own necks.”
by weblizard February 13, 2021
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1) Too Long To Write: a quick way to tell someone this is a long story. May be a topic either better discussed at length at a later time, in person, or simply left at that.

2) Too Lazy To Write: self-explanatory!
1) I was just diagnosed with _______ tltw...

2) Spent Saturday at home, in bed- tltw
by weblizard November 17, 2009
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testicle- rhymes with tangerine
He claimed he lost a ball to testicular cancer, but I've seen him naked- he has has two mangerines...
by weblizard May 24, 2008
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