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A group of college friends traveling together from their usual hangout spot to the dining hall to refill their drinks. The group normally has dining hall paper cups or reusable water bottles in hand.
Anyone in for a cup quest? I'm heading out if anyone wants to come along.
by wbnybo March 29, 2010

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(SKWEE-zull). verb. Ice Hockey term. When the puck slips through a goalie's pads after an initial save and crosses the goal line seemingly with a life of its own.
The puck squeazled through Antero Niitymaki to make the Buffalo-Tampa Bay game 3-0.
by wbnybo March 28, 2010

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A bootleg recording of a Bruce Springsteen concert.
My friend from New Jersey is acting like an addict. He needs his Boss fix since Springsteen isn't recording or on tour, so he's been downloading Brucelegs from the internet.
by wbnybo June 05, 2010

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