5 definitions by wangjiahua

When you complete a very important assignment on the computer and save it a million times before shutting the computer off.
A: What's taking you so long on the computer?
B: Sorry, I have file saving OCD
by wangjiahua June 12, 2011
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A sentient entity who is in the state of being dick and a douche at the same time
"professor" implies sarcastically that the offended person is intelligent.
teacher: BE QUIIIIEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Me: OK professor dickdouche
by wangjiahua December 10, 2010
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a phrase said to make any come-back seem lame.
A: You're a loser
B: Fuck you
A: I'm joking, calm down!
by wangjiahua May 27, 2011
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Contrary to the 2008 definition, gray rape is sex that falls somewhere between being consensual and non-consensual. Commonly occurs when a woman gives consent, but then withdraws it during or after sex. Also happens when the woman is a little nervous, but the guy is more confident. Generally, rape that doesn't involve violence, threats, or drugs. Emotional manipulation covers this gray area, for example, making someone fall in love with you so you can have sex with them.
"Gray rape is the most common type of rape."
by wangjiahua September 23, 2014
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Reading and taking notes. A great way to learn.
I'm going to do some wreating for my English class.
by wangjiahua July 5, 2014
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