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Also spelled as "rheltney": a hard-on so intense that you can't breathe or blink your eyes. Paralysis can only be alleviated by sexual contact. In derivative Disney culture, Sleeping Beauty, (man with reltney), is awakened (un-paralyzed) by a beautiful prince (woman) by a kiss to her lips
Gasping: "Help me! Reltney!"
by w. john May 22, 2004
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noun. Another word for sandwich, and, metaphorically, its origin has many delicious layers. 1. a celebration of local, regional or ethnic ignorance. 2. the persistence of low expectations of education in our society. 3. subtle irony: imagine the outrage if one started calling sandwiches "panin-yo's" or "empara-doodads".

verb. 1. To dumb-down one's business or menu to try to emulate one's customer base. 2. sangwich(ed). The failure of one's business due to improper perceptions of one's customer base.
That new cuban place already shut down. They got sangwiched.
by w. john April 03, 2011
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