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A pedodater is a person who willingly dates a pedophile. Pedodaters are often desperate or are somewhat messed up.
Ben: So Sean, I heard you made out with someone in the park.
Sean: Yeah, a 34 year old person
Ben: But... you're 17
Sean: So?
Ben: Dude, you're a pedodater
by Voraka June 13, 2009
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One who flicks other guys' dreidels. Often without consent.
Chaim the Jew: "This dreidel is freaking sweet!! Yaayy!"

Bob the Goy: *flicks dreidel* "Hahahahaha! Santa hates you! Hahahaha!"

Chaim the Jew: "You know what? You're a Dreidel Flicker! You flick guys' dreidels all the time!"

Bob the Goy: "Whaaa!? That sounds weird! I'm not that, lemme make it up to you with some Christmas foods!"

Chaim the Jew: "I'll have NONE of your figgy pudding."
by voraka February 23, 2010
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The 'unspoken eh?' occurs when speaking to a Canadian trying to pass for someone who is not Canadian. Canadians often say "eh?" at the end of a sentence, when trying to pass as someone not Canadian, they will try not to say, "eh?" but the person the Canadian is talking to will notice something is wrong with what they said and hear the 'unspoken eh?'.
Canadian Guy: Hey sexy. Wanna go out, e- err, uh, yeah?

American Girl: OH MY GOD! No! You're Canadian!

Canadian Guy: Damn! This has happened to me 5 times today! How could you tell, eh?

American Girl: I could hear your 'unspoken eh?'
by voraka February 06, 2010
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