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when the US has elected a president, aka George W Bush
Bush is a bad president
by vickec December 14, 2004

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the thing that happens when ur dad buys ur degree aka George Waker Bush
george bush sr. bought his son's degree from Yale UNiversity, so he has a false brain.

Bush is a stupid fuck face.
by vickec December 09, 2004

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the random owrd that u get when u r bored
how the hell did i get here?

who the hell was bored enough to make this?
by vickec December 03, 2004

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the worst coach in the history of the NFL, coached at Florida once, don't know who liked him there
Steve Spurrier wants to kick on first and ten from own 24 yard line, that stupid mother fucker
by vickec December 03, 2004

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