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Gregory Alan Maddux "Mad Dog"

12-time Golden Glove Winner
4 Time Cy Young Winner

Current Cubs pitcher, often debatedly called the best active pitcher in Major League Baseball. (Roger Clemens Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson are usually the subjects of debate alongside Maddux)

Although some of his stats like strike outs are considerably lower than Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson, and he cannot throw a ball nearly as hard, his consistancy and accuracy are a force to be reckoned with. He studies hitters and understands how they hit and can manage to usually completely accurately think out where the ball will go before it even leaves the bat.

Greg Maddux is often undderated due to people misunderstanding that faster pitching means better pitching. Media and public attention usually go to Roger Clemens, but many people recently have started warming up to the fact that Greg Maddux, "The Professor", could be the best active pitcher in major league baseball, perhaps even of our lifetimes.
"Greg Maddux could throw a baseball through a lifesaver."
by Vi August 18, 2005

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A song by Queen co-written with David Bowie featuring lines such as "It's the terror of knowing what this world is about, watching some good friends scream "LET ME OUT" tommorrow gets me high high"
Under Pressure was one of Queen's best-written songs.
by Vi January 02, 2004

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1) A high class pimp that charges out his/her whores (temps) by the quarter of an hour while gettin their lions share.
2) Spineless, soul less canibalistic maggots that feed on the less fortunate of humans.
3) Evil by another name.
recruitment consultant made the world a bad place.
by Vi July 07, 2003

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Effect after drinking so much soda; where after you feel all "shaky," and inside of you feels all heated up, and it's kinda like you're high, but you're actually not, and a little while later, you have hard time typing or using your mouse correctly (because of too much shaking), and you just really like the feeling.
I drank so much soda now I'm feeling all fizzy!
by Vi April 01, 2004

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The Events Team Administrator on the biggest server of the online game Graal.
Oh snap, Vicious banned me from Graal.
by Vi December 23, 2003

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a web hosting company www.laffo.co.uk
hey i want free web hosting
with all the paid hosting shit for free!
by vi February 17, 2005

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