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That which confuses Jessica Simpson.
Chicken of the Sea? It doesn't taste like chicken.
by varietylevel13 March 26, 2004

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He has a devil put aside for me. For me. For meeeeeeeee.

Nothing really matters to me.
by varietylevel13 March 26, 2004

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The poster child for abortion. If the conservatives could just see the slight possibility that aborting a fetus prevents another blonde bimbo from starting a singing career, they would quit bombing clinics.
That fucking Pizza Hut commercial with the winged buffalo.
by varietylevel13 May 02, 2004

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The legendary secret agent who brought down the evil child molester known only as Chester. Pervus, a small oily man brought to life by the great God Mick was a connosseur of the finer things in life: namely, lesbian porn. Pervus turned evil and conquered the world of Lesbia only to be defeated by the great hero Arlo the Racist and his band of ghosts. He was forgiven for his sins by Mick and now lives in Valhalla fighting evil child molesters and jacking off to lesbian porn.
I like lesbian porn, BITCH!
by varietylevel13 March 26, 2004

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The ultimate fall guy.
Bill Clinton was responsible for 9/11, the recession, the popularity of American Idol, the Crusades, Gigli, and the Holocaust. God bless America and vote for Bush. PS I'm an idiot.
by varietylevel13 May 04, 2004

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